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Freitag, 5. August 2016

On the Tightrope Journalism in a polarized Europe. n-ost media conference 2016 in Moscow from 29.09. - 02.10.2016

Hundert europäische Journalisten im Gespräch über die wachsenden Gräben in Europa und den Balanceakt, den nicht nur die Medien beim Überwinden dieser Klüfte hinbekommen müssen: "On the tightrope: Journalism in a polarized Europe".

With ever quickening pace, Russia and the West are alienating themselves from one another. Targeted disinformation and simplified media images, double standards and fatigue, have allowed this rift to widen.
This is not the only division taking place on the continent. Many factions within Europe are drifting apart from one another: those opposed to Brexit from supporters of the movement; Muslims from those who suspect them to be Islamists; advocates of an open Europe from those who want to protect her values by closing borders.
How do we rise above polarization? How can we stand our ground, while still remaining open to the perspective of others?
At the n-ost Media Conference in Moscow, we dare to take on this balancing act. Two weeks following elections to the Russian Duma, we’re inviting over 100 European media representatives to be a part of a larger conversation about Russia and a fragmenting Europe. Through workshops and podium discussions, the following questions will be discussed:
  • Russia and the West: How can we still talk to one another?
  • Russia after the elections: Which course is the country taking?
  • From Brexit to Pegida: What are the mechanisms driving polarization in Europe?
  • Trends in journalism: Can quality stop propaganda?
Requested speakers: Marina Weisband, Peter Pomerantsev, Irina Prokhorova, Dunja Hayali, Andrei Soldatov, Ulrike Guérot, Mikhail Zygar, Jens Siegert, Susan Stewart and Dmitri Trenin, amongst others.
The conference language is English.  Russian translation will be offered for selected program elements.
Leading up to the conference, we are also offering research grants to realize stories anywhere in Russia outside Moscow.

Depending on your place of residence, your salary and other factors, the conference fee varies between 0 and 240 Euro.

Please fill out our joint online application form (see above) for the conference and, for interested parties, for the research grant by Sunday, August 7th.

Please submit any and all questions to our conference team, Oliver Bilger and Lina Verschwele, at