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Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

goEast >>> East-West Talent Lab & OPPOSE OTHERING!

East-West Talent Lab & OPPOSE OTHERING!

With the East-West Talent Lab, goEast provides young filmmakers from the areas of direction and production with a valuable platform for networking and further education during the festival week in Wiesbaden. Tomorrow's pros are able to gain festival and co-production experience here for the first time. However, goEast's efforts to reach young professionals don't stop there: the festival has dedicated itself to offering programmes that focus on critical, socially engaged filmmaking for this crucial group. With the project OPPOSE OTHERING! goEast deepens its commitment to a filmmaking ethos devoted to advancing the cause of human rights. After the successful start in 2016 the project goes into the second round.


goEast fosters and connects young filmmakers and artists from Central and Eastern Europe and Germany, with a focus on the Rhine-Main region. A programme consisting of a broad range of networking and educational events has been assembled for the 30 participants of the East-West Talent Lab and implemented with the assistance of internationally renowned experts. The goEast Development Award, worth 3,500 euros, is presented to the originator of the best project idea. The East-West Talent Lab addresses young filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe as well as Germany to apply for the programme with their project ideas. The application form can be downloaded here (


OPPOSE OTHERING! is humanly committed filmmaking. The project, which is supported by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, is entering the second round in 2017: Young filmmakers from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe paired in bi-national tandem teams will set off together on a journey through their countries. Their central objective: to use the means of cinema to investigate exclusionary attitudes towards individuals of different social, religious, cultural, ethnic backgrounds and / or sexual identity and to present portraits of individuals and projects that are working to promote solidarity, civil courage and resistance to discrimination. The detailed Call for Applications can be found here . (

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