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Donnerstag, 24. März 2016

Call for participation: Hamburg 2016: Migration and Asylum Roundtable

Call for participation: Hamburg 2016: Migration and Asylum Roundtable
Deadline for registration is 15th April

The purpose of this participatory roundtable is to coordinate a response through the research of COST New Speakers workgroups on migration and asylum. In particular we are interested in  understanding and improving stakeholder engagement and research impact. We suggest further that stakeholder engagement and understanding and assessing research impact are not necessarily separate issues, and are central issues to the research in a range of interdisciplinary research.

The Roundtable will primarily focus on linguistic issues, that ebing said we are happy to welcome people from different research and practitioner backgrounds. In many ways, the current refugee crisis lies at the heart of new speaker issues both from a social and linguistic dimension. First, having access to the linguistic and social resources necessary to becoming a new speaker of the language of the host country can play a formative role in refugees and asylum seekers’ agency and their ability to be included or marginalised from socio-political life in their host countries. Further, the degree to which host society members perceive that refugees and asylum seekers collectively attain competency in this new language in turn often affects public discourses, which in turn can lead to policy decisions made about refugees and asylum seekers. Thus, exploration of refugee and asylum seeker issues lies at an intersection between sociolinguistics, migration, civil society and law is a key way to explore questions related to linguistic practices and attitudes of and towards new speakers in a multilingual Europe.

In this first network roundtable on migration and asylum we would like to engage with the different research that has been conducted across the work groups, which is either a. directly related to the themes described above or b. focuses on different research questions but engages with forced migrants/refugees and asylum seekers either as participants of the research or affected by the wider implications of the research. We are also hoping to host a follow-up impact workshop where we will invite members of COST New Speakers to participate in the event with other stakeholders; lawyers, ngo leaders etc involved in working alongside refugees and asylum seekers. We are therefore interested in hearing members views on strategising the manner in which this can take place.

We are not asking participants to present. Cassie and myself are envisioning a discussion format for the roundtable rather than presentations. 

We warmly welcome you to participate in this roundtable.  If interested, please send an e-mail by April 8th  to  Dr. Cassie Smith-Christmas ( or Kirandeep Kaur ( with a brief outline (no more than 150 words) of the issues you would like to address at the roundtable.  Either Cassie or Kiran will then be in touch with you shortly.

Look forward to seeing you in Hamburg.

Kirandeep Kaur
Doctoral Researcher
Tilburg University
Law School 

European Doctorate of Law and Development (EDOLAD)

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  1. the registration for the conference details.

    Please additionally be sure to contact Dr. Cassie Smith-Christmas ( or Kirandeep Kaur ( with a brief outline (no more than 150 words) for specific registration at the Roundtable.